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"Play News" is adapting any type of information in the form of short dynamic news videos

Internet users are often confronted by a tsunami of information on social media. That's why you need to adapt your content to the best format for each platform.

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The best format
for Social media

9 out of 10 videos on social networks are watched without sound. With the Play News approach, your videos are clear, subtitled systematically and have a short duration.

Facebook has modified its algorithm in favour of videos on its platform. Your post will become increasingly viewable in the form of a video rather than a post containing text and pictures.

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Stop wasting money

Producing a corporate film costs a lot of money. Our approach will ease your wallet! Play News short videos are cheaper to produce but more effective.

The monthly Play News package entitles you to dozens of videos for a permanent presence on social networks. Stop wasting money with long corporate videos !

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